A Closer Look at Our Dedicated Team of Procurement Experts

Detailed Overview

We Have Been Helping Clients Reduce Their Spend Since 1992

Source One is a Procurement Service Provider that has been assisting companies with their strategic sourcing and cost reduction requirements since 1992.

We help our clients reduce spend (costs for direct and indirect products and services) and the overall cost of acquisition through the application of proven sourcing and purchasing strategies, practices, people and technologies. Results are achieved utilizing a blend of subject matter expertise, our proprietary expert database, market knowledge and state of the art tools

save_nowSource One’s entire staff is dedicated to one purpose:

Strategic Sourcing.

Source One services clients in every industry. See a sampling of the variety of our strategic sourcing customers.

Using our internal tools, databases, people and technologies and our network of qualified partners, we are the single source solution for all of your procurement initiatives.

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A Detailed Overview of Source One, North America's Leading Procurement Service Provider

Detailed Overview of our Procurement Services

Procurement Consulting engagements with Source One may include spend analysis, savings opportunity assessments, subject matter expertise, creating statements of work (SOW), supplier identification services, ?benchmarking, market and supply research, RFP management , price negotiations, and contract recommendations. ?Source One also provides procurement and strategic sourcing staffing services including; a managed service provider model (MSP), full-time, temporary contractors, and temp-to-perm.

The objective of our engagements is to help our client to obtain the best overall total-cost and quality of service with existing or new suppliers. We also assist with the transition to a new supplier when needed. Source One? audits supplier invoices? after new pricing is implemented to insure savings are realized.

A small sampling of the spend categories?that Source One has successfully sourced include: Advertising, Benefits, Chemicals, Direct Materials, Freight, Hardware, Insurance, Material Handling, MRO, Packaging, Small Parcel, Software, Telecommunications, Travel, Treasury Services, Uniforms, & Utilities. Our clients average 18% savings across all product and service categories.

Knowledge transfer, change management, and e-enablement give our clients the ability to maximize savings and drive compliance? throughout their organizations. At the end of all projects, Source One electronically enables our clients to be self sufficient with? the free strategic sourcing portal WhyAbe.

Our objective on all sourcing projects is to assist our clients in obtaining the best overall total-cost and quality of service for all of their procured products and services. Results are produced collaboratively by Source One, its clients and suppliers and have a positive impact on the bottom line.

In order to best service our clients, Source One provides flexible fee options for our services. Clients can choose between contingency (gain sharing) based billing, fee for service, rate card billing or a hybrid model.

Learn about our optional Contingency Based Strategic Sourcing Model

A Corcentric Company:?

In 2018, Corcentric – a leading provider of automation solutions for Finance and Procurement – acquired Source One. Sharing a commitment to customer service and cost savings, the two organizations have proven a natural fit. Together, they work to ensure clients optimize the way they purchase, pay, and get paid.

Strategic Sourcing Case Studies:

Source One has collaboratively produced millions of dollars of hard tangible savings in procured products and services. On average, our clients saved 18% on their total procurement costs. For details of some recent strategic sourcing projects , please take a moment to read our
Case Studies and review our?Results in Strategic Sourcing.

The Strategic Sourcing Team:

Every member of the Source One staff actively works on strategic sourcing initiatives for our clients.
Our staff is entirely dedicated to providing the best possible results for our clients and does not get bogged down with layers of meetings and events. Our team consists of sourcing professionals from very diverse backgrounds. Our staff has experience in everything from the top consulting firms to engineers and agriculture specialists. Our unique backgrounds and entrepreneurial spirits allow us to develop creative solutions to complicated scenarios.

Rapid, Low-Cost Spend Analysis

Many spend analysis tools add unnecessary complexity to the process of assessing purchase histories. What’s more, the highly granular detail provided by most tools tends to leave Procurement teams paralyzed by their analysis. SpendConsultant from Source One corrects these issues. In addition to quickly and efficiently providing insights into your purchase history, it offers an opportunity assessment calculator for making your savings goals a reality.

With Source One, you will receive a dedicated team of individuals assigned to your account, that you can easily contact and have access to, through the life of the project and beyond.

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