Gain actionable cost reduction insights from your spend profile with Source One's Spend Analysis as a Service - Spend Analysis as a Service Platform

Cost Reduction Opportunities and Category-Specific Sourcing Strategies on Source One's Platform Spend Analytics Platform from Source One's Cost Reduction Experts

Launched in 2016, is Source One Management Services’ platform for rapid, low-cost, and easy to understand Spend Analyses and Opportunity Assessments.

The Cost Reduction experts at leading procurement professional services firm Source One have?made it even easier for companies to gain spend visibility and target actionable savings opportunities – no burdensome systems integration or software implementation necessary. Source One’s for Spend Analysis and Opportunity Identification?combines expert-conducted spend analyses with the reporting and visualization power of leading spend analysis software to deliver you a rapid and actionable strategic sourcing and cost reduction roadmap.

Calling on decades of cost reduction experience and our extensive market intelligence, Source One’s spend category subject matter experts identify short, medium, and long-term strategies to maximize savings opportunities – customized to your business’ requirements.

The Spend Analysis Process to find Cost Reduction Opportunities

Watch this Spend Analysis video to learn more about Spend Consultant!

How Much Will Cost Me?

Source One’s Spend Analysis Service is available at a much lower cost – and with a much faster turnaround – than a traditional spend analytics systems implementation project. Unlike other spend analysis tools, rapidly delivers category-specific strategies for less money and without the need to involve your IT and Finance departments.

The actual cost to complete your project will depend on the volume and complexity of your spend data, including: estimated number of suppliers, primary geographies of suppliers, estimated total spend, number and type of data sources, spend category focus (direct vs. indirect), length of historical analysis (one year vs. multi-year view), and?your company’s spend management?goals

What Do I Need to Do?

We take the heavy burden off of you and your team – simply provide us the necessary data, meet with us to confirm your goals and objectives, and receive your cleansed, actionable information!

  • You complete our Data Collection Form and provide the data discussed above
  • We’ll schedule a call to review and confirm your datasets
  • Next, we’ll cleanse, aggregate, and classify your spend data
  • Then we’ll schedule a follow up call to conduct the spend data review and make adjustments according to your needs
  • Finally, you receive a unique login to the SpendConsultant.Com platform so you can review at your convenience

Ready to take the first step toward affordably and easily gaining spend visibility? Contact the Cost Reduction Consultants behind today!

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Source One's Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Brands

Source One Management Services’ team of spend category cost reduction subject matter experts, industry veterans, and experienced procurement analysts?oversees a diverse portfolio of services?to offer unmatched value to the procurement and strategic sourcing community, and the businesses they serve.

Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Professional Services

Founded in 1992, Source One Management Services is one of the oldest and most experienced procurement services providers in the world. Our flexible, on-demand service models for strategic sourcing, procurement transformation, and supplier relationship management help our Fortune 1000 and mid-market leading clients reduce costs, gain better market intelligence, and transform their procurement operations from tactical and reactive to value-adding, proactive business partners.

Cost Reduction Consulting Services

Source One’s?RFx administration and strategic sourcing team has developed the world’s only completely free eRFx and Reverse Auction Platform, Originally an internal tool to enhance Source One’s customized strategic sourcing events, WhyAbe is now offered by the spend consultants at Source One? for absolutely no charge. As hundreds of companies around the world utilize our free eSourcing tools daily to administer thousands of strategic sourcing events,?Source One’s team of procurement consultants utilizes the collective market and supplier intelligence in aggregate to conduct better sourcing engagements for our clients.

Free eSourcing Tools from

The Strategic Sourcing Book

In 2011,?Source One’s industry veterans and category subject matter experts published?the first-ever guide to Indirect Procurement through?esteemed company?John Wiley & Sons. Managing Indirect Spend: Enhancing Profitability through Strategic Sourcing lays out the strategic sourcing process focused?on the specifics of?indirect spend categories.? Focusing on practical application?instead of theory, this strategic sourcing book details how to implement cost savings across a wide variety of indirect spend categories. It also details critical elements of the?strategic sourcing process such as?creative research, identifying leverage points during negotiations; and effectively dealing with stakeholders, both externally and within your own company

Managing Indirect Spend – The Strategic Sourcing Book

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