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Our Procurement team leverages cost reduction strategies that are proven effective for every category of direct and indirect spend. Working alongside our sourcing experts, clients can expect to meet their cost reduction goals and promote enterprise-wide efficiency.


Cost Reduction Strategies for Direct & Indirect Spend


Cost Reduction Stories by Strategic Sourcing Provider, Source One

Cost Reduction Results and Case Studies

Source One’s cost reduction specialists are well-versed in Strategic Sourcing best practices. Throughout our history, we have sourced billions in spend and produced millions in savings for our clients.? Our decades of experience are a case study in effective cost reduction and expert Procurement consulting. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out these cost reduction case studies:

Construction Supplies Strategic Sourcing Cost Reduction Case Summary

A $150 Million Dollar Construction client spent $2,000,000 with over 15 suppliers on construction supplies. Source One negotiated set pricing, producing 20% savings and helped implement a purchasing tool to enable personnel to quickly and easily locate the best-priced supplier and accelerate the invoice approval.

Banking and Treasury Services Strategic Sourcing Cost Reduction Case Summary

By eliminating checking fees and increasing earning credits Source One produced a 100% savings by turning a $400,000 annual spend into a $0 dollar spend for an Industrial Distributor with $1 Billion in annual revenue.

Steel Drums Strategic Sourcing Cost Reduction Case Summary

With the price of steel up 238%, our client, a specialty chemical manufacturer, was still able to save $125,000 annually on their purchase of steel drums.

Merchant Account Non-Profit Negotiation Cost Reduction Case Summary

A small non-profit organization saved $10,000 (8%) annually on merchant account processing fees. Source One’s negotiation and knowledge of rules and regulations regarding credit cards produced an additional $40,000 refund.

MRO Strategic Sourcing Cost Reduction Case Summary

A utility company with $6.9 billion dollars in annual revenues engaged Source One to assist in $1 million in MRO spend, including paper products, plastic bags, open stock fasteners. The Strategic Sourcing initiative reduced spending by 9% on paper and plastic products and 70% on open stock fasteners.

Corrugated Benchmarking Cost Reduction Case Summary

A 2 billion dollar paper product company was spending $5.5 million per year on corrugated boxes with five suppliers in five North American locations. The client engaged Source One to benchmark the spend. Source One was able to establish a clear benchmark ? a fixed price per thousand square feet of corrugated linked to a market standard price for corrugated, and identified and qualified alternate suppliers interested in the client’s business.

Express Package Delivery Negotiation Cost Reduction Case Summary

A rug wholesaler with 15 locations, spending $946,000 on express package delivery engaged Source One to assist in negotiating Small Package Express Delivery Services. Pricing was based on the location volume. Source One leveraged total company spend to reduce and standardize pricing across all locations, increased discounts for all categories of service, resulting in a 15% overall savings, and established National Account status ensuring standardized pricing across all locations, and improving reporting.

Alarm Monitoring Strategic Sourcing Cost Reduction Case Summary

A food wholesaler Client spending $240,000 on alarm monitoring fees engaged Source One for a Strategic Sourcing project. Each location was being invoiced directly. Source One’s research determined available pricing and services and leveraged total company spend to standardize and reduce pricing across all locations. The project producing 59% savings, and a follow up invoice audit yielded $92,000 in credits.

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