Source One's Logistics Spend Managers Optimize Carrier and Shipper Relationships

Logistics Advisory Consulting

Logistics Advisory and Procurement Consulting Services

Since 1992, Source One’s Logistics and Procurement specialists have offered a full suite of services designed to empower the purchasing team and steer the entire business toward greater efficiency and more consistent value generation.

Category Management

For Procurement’s strategic evolution?to continue, the function needs to distinguish itself as a strategic asset to its peers within the business. Source One has the category expertise and wealth of experience to support Procurement in these efforts. With our support, Procurement can learn to speak the language of other business units like Logistics, Marketing, Telecom, and IT and collaborate to drive initiatives.

Make Procurement a Category Manager

Procurement Training

Traditional approaches to training and professional development won’t serve Procurement for much longer. Today’s strategic, adaptable organizations require a new set of programs and materials that will equip them for a new era. Source One’s team has spent decades helping to redefine excellence in Procurement. They’ll support your organization in building a new talent development apparatus to elevate the function and empower your entire organization.

Train to Procurement’s Future

Audit Services

Are your relationships with Logistics carriers still supporting your goals? Source One’s carrier relationship audit team can help you find out. Leveraging experience, insights, and market intelligence, we’ll dive into your existing relationships and identify opportunities to promote greater collaboration and generate more strategic value. Don’t settle for one-sided relationships or non-competitive pricing.

Carrier Relationship Auditing

Contracting and Negotiations

Reaching an agreement with suppliers and Logistics carriers comes down to far more than a great price. Source One’s negotiations specialists will partner with your internal Procurement team throughout the contracting process. Together, we’ll ensure you reach a win-win agreement that’s designed to evolve and adapt as necessary. We’ll also support your efforts with long-term monitoring to guarantee compliance and address concerns as necessary.

Establish Win-Win Agreements

Bridge the Gap Between Procurement and Logistics with our Advisory Services

Logistics Consulting Services from Source One

Take a comprehensive and strategic approach to Logistics and Supply Chain spend management with help from the Procurement experts.

Under the light of Sourcing and Procurement, Logistics is a uniquely complex spend category that requires a cognizant approach. While many organizations view Logistics spend as an indirect procurement category, it’s often tied to core business operations, and therefore far more strategically significant than other indirect spend areas.

Neglecting to take an approach logistics spend strategically will likely increase the risk of disrupting the status quo of the operation, no organization can afford this. Moreover, the variety of logistics subcategories, namely small parcel, LTL, FTL, ocean freight, etc. demand an approach that’s tailored to their own intricacies, the unique profile of each shipper, and the specialized nature of the industry in which they function. Professionals working within or alongside these logistics subcategories find themselves confronted with an ever-evolving list of complications and risk factors:

    • Customer is (still) king: Shifting expectations at the customer level demand constant attention and a competitive approach to pricing and services.
    • It’s a carrier’s market: Carriers are becoming more selective when it comes to partnering with shippers. They may even reject freight due to less-than-ideal characteristics or a cost structure that’s poorly suited to current market conditions.
    • The global economy is a wild card: New regulations, evolving technologies, alternative fuels, and unforeseen tariffs often have a significant impact on how a shipping industry operates and the costs associated with moving freight within that industry.

Vendor and carrier management are significant factors in mitigating shipping disruptions or delays, avoiding premiums, and ultimately securing competitive pricing. Source One works with each client to ensure alignment on a customized strategy for building strong carrier relationships, managing vulnerabilities, and ultimately realizing cost reduction.

Bringing Procurement and Logistics Together

Logistics is not the only spend category that forces Sourcing and Procurement to develop unique and creative strategies. Its nuances, however, can make it more complex than most. Oftentimes employing a traditional procurement cost reduction strategy won’t take into account all of the factors that influence Logistics and are critical to running a successful supply chain. That’s why we work with Logistics departments to design a customized action plan that balances the right set of strategic sourcing best practices with the supply chain and operations priorities of the business.

Most Procurement Services Providers still approach Logistics with the same sourcing and cost reduction strategies. ?Our Logistics Advisory team is different. By leveraging our experience and unparalleled access to market intelligence, we take into account the finer elements of Logistics and collaborate with you to achieve better shipper-carrier relationships and deliver tangible value. With our help, organizations like yours are able to mitigate risk, avoid unnecessary costs, partner with innovative carriers, and develop creative mechanisms to save money without sacrificing service or quality.

Logistics Advisory Services

We take a multi-step approach to assessing your unique Logistics profile and developing customized recommendations:

  1. First, our data analytics team conducts an initial high-level spend analysis to validate where spend is allocated within the Logistics category.
  2. Next, we interview your Logistics team and other key stakeholders to map out and assess your logistics operations, understand your current state, and identify opportunities.
  3. Then, we build a comprehensive freight profile and position each particular initiative to yield value.
  4. Our team will then integrate current market trends into your organization’s strategic goals and create a tactical plan for execution that leverages our strategic sourcing best practices.
  5. Last, we execute on the agreed upon plan and collaborate with your logistics team to achieve the ideal outcome from the project as well as our goal of aligning business needs with competitively priced carriers who can operate without disruption.

In addition to delivering value, each engagement provides a knowledge transfer. By passing on our expertise, we equip your organization to manage Logistics from a more informed and strategic position well into the future.

Why Choose Source One for Logistics Support?

    • Since 1992, we’ve assisted organizations in bringing their Logistics spend under management. In that time, we’ve developed strategic sourcing best practices that drive value in any category.
    • We’re uniquely attuned to the Logistics category and its complexities. We have insights into the factors influencing Logistics that other Procurement consultants simply do not have.
    • We recognize the value of collaboration. Managing Logistics spend is all about building mutually-beneficial, sustainable relationships. That’s why we strive to build similar relationships with our clients. To our Logistics experts, each engagement is a partnership.

Reach out today to learn what a more effective approach to Logistics spend could mean for your organization and its partners across the supply chain.

Contact the Logistics Category Experts Today

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