Procurement Support for Mergers and Acquisition

Merger and Acquisition Procurement Support

Spend and Supply Management Services for Mergers and Acquisitions

Procurement Services for M&A Activity

We believe Procurement has the ability to drive M&A activity and empower teams to ensure the successful integration companies and assets.?

When done well, Mergers and Acquisitions are a powerful strategy for accelerating growth and driving revenue. Their success, however,? hinges upon the alignment of all parties and the company’s overarching growth strategy. As a unit capable of touching nearly all aspects of the business, we believe M&A activity presents a tangible opportunity for Procurement functions to shine. During M&As, employees are more open to change, suppliers are eager to increase sales volumes, and shareholders are more willing to accept early investments – all providing Procurement with a prime opportunity to gain stakeholder alignment and sponsorship to capitalize on supply chain momentum.

Aligning ourselves to the company strategy, Source One’s spend management experts support M&A activities from beginning to end – helping companies reduce costs and streamline supply base operations.

Pre-M&A Procurement Support

Most companies wait until?after?an M&A is complete before pursuing procurement initiatives- missing out on opportunities to get ahead of procurement synergies. Source One’s Procurement experts can help companies get a jump start on their growth strategies by enabling procurement teams before M&A activities close. By aligning with organizational Clean Room activities, our spend management team can get the ball rolling on quick-win cost reduction opportunities while aligning supply management strategies with the overarching goals of the soon-to-be newly formed enterprise.

How our team can support Pre-M&A activities:

  • Collaborate with M&A executives and external consultants during Clean Room initiatives to understand the company’s strategic direction an a unified organization and drive the planning of Procurement’s role in supporting the M&A initiatives
  • Collect initial data to begin identifying short- and long-term cost reduction opportunities
  • Support planning of procurement-specific strategic initiatives


Post M&A Procurement Support

Without a doubt M&A activities are a significant financial investment, as well as in time and resources.? As a function with visibility into all business units, Procurement is in a prime position to drive synergies across the newly formed organization, as well as offset costs associated with the M&A. Source One’s procurement consultants can

Putting to use our decades of experience optimizing spend management operations, Source One can support Post M&A activities by:

  • Analyzing both company’s spend to identify cost reduction opportunities
  • Develop and implement strategic category management plans
  • Aligning with Clean Room strategies in supporting facilities management
  • Rationalize Suppliers and Scope by evaluating contracts

Whether you’re on the verge of closing an M&A or are sorting through the puzzle of the supply management operations of a recently unified organization, Source One’s procurement consulting team is here to help. From the tactical analysis of combined spend data to developing the long-term spend management strategies, our procurement experts work to maximize your M&A results.

Receive M&A Procurement Support

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