Source One's sourcing support for small business experts offer a unique retainer model for companies who need expert procurement resources on-demand

Sourcing & Procurement Retainer Model

Scalable Sourcing & Procurement Departments under a Low-Cost Retainer Model

Source One offers a flexible retainer model for an on-demand procurement team, customized to the needs of small to medium sized businesses

Source One’s flexible retainer model for sourcing departments in small to medium sized businesses gives you access to an entire team of procurement resources and subject matter experts – for one low cost.

For many small- to mid-size companies, having a very mature, robust procurement and sourcing organization falls firmly on the “nice-to-have” list rather than the “must-have” list. Though their margins are low and these small to medium-sized companies know that reducing costs in raw materials, engineering, production, distribution, and overall operating expenses will increase the business’ profitability, these companies cannot sustain the costs and managerial burdens associated with maintaining a sourcing and procurement department.

That’s why the procurement organizations of smaller businesses?turn to Source One’s retainer-based strategic sourcing and procurement department to:


Procurement professionals in small to mid-sized companies are focused on ensuring the consistency of supply and inventory, and generating and processing purchase orders. They lack the time and resources to maintain a constant focus on more strategic initiatives. Source One’s innovative Sourcing and Procurement Retainer Model is the answer, giving small companies and their procurement departments?the flexibility to manage their day-to-day procurement responsibilities and deliver strategic value to the business through cost savings, process improvements, and risk mitigation.?Companies who use Source One’s smaller business sourcing?retainer model?gain access to an on-demand procurement team to focus on:


Unlike using temp staffing firms or short-term procurement and sourcing contractors, which add complexity by making you search for, onboard, train, and exit individual resources with narrow specialties or job descriptions, the Source One Sourcing and Procurement Retainer Model for Small to Medium Sized Businesses?lets you utilize the right resources at the right time in a managed service environment. We keep costs low in this smaller business sourcing retainer agreement by assigning an Account Manager who becomes familiar with your company’s culture and requirements, and who scales our domestic and local procurement and sourcing resources and subject matter experts up and down according to your needs. You don’t pay for sourcing and procurement resources you don’t need.

Why hire one procurement resource when you can leverage an entire team of Procurement analysts and subject matter experts for the same cost under a sourcing retainer model specifically for smaller to medium sized businesses? Contact Source One’s strategic sourcing experts today to gain access to an on-demand procurement resource pool for your smaller business.

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Your Scalable Procurement Team


At Source One, we help strategic sourcing and procurement groups become trusted partners to their business, adding value beyond just being bid administrators or corporate negotiators. Savvy companies achieve a competitive advantage and become industry leaders by trusting procurement to gain access to new products and innovation, optimize the supply chain, and disrupt their competition. Our customized, flexible, strategic strategic sourcing solutions equip companies with the right resources, tools and technologies, best practices, and market intelligence to stay ahead of the curve.

Category-Specific Subject Matter Expertise

Source One has an unmatched team of spend category specialist resources to efficiently and effectively tackle your supplier relationship management, project management, strategic sourcing, and category management initiatives. Our scalable procurement resources are proficient in all phases of category management for specialty categories such as information technology and telecom, marketing, finance and banking, utilities, MRO supplies as well as a large range of direct and indirect goods and services.

Category Management Services under Source One’s sourcing retainer model for small businesses.

Expert Procurement Advice and Strategies

A well-designed procurement and strategic sourcing strategy is only as effective as your procurement organization’s?ability to execute upon it. If you are dealing with forming or reforming a procurement strategy, it is necessary to think about the long-term as well as short-term issues. This involves addressing aspects of your procurement operations from staff requirements, to demand planning, to negotiation tactics – and everything in between. Our industry veterans in sourcing and procurement will assess all your procurement people, processes, tools, and technology to guarantee every piece adds value and is a central element of achieving your procurement performance goals.

Procurement Transformation Advisory Services from Source One’s scalable Procurement team for small businesses


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