Source One's procurement executives offer Interim Chief Procurement Officer Services

Interim CPO Services

Interim CPO - Executive Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Staffing Services

Interim CPO Service from Source One's Procurement Executive Network

Source One can identify and place your Interim Chief Procurement Officer?/ Interim CPO?to immediately add value and deliver results for your spend management or Procurement initiatives.

Is your procurement organization behind the eight ball, struggling to elevate the function, maintain highly engaged teams, automate procurement processes, or drive sustainable value across the enterprise?? If so, you are in desperate need of a Procurement & Strategic Sourcing leader.? But you needed these changes yesterday, and finding the right fit in a Chief Procurement Officer-type Leader?could take up to a year or more.? What’s the solution?

Source One’s Procurement and Strategic Sourcing professionals can leverage our robust database of industry-leading executives and extensive network of partners to help bridge critical gaps in the absence of a Chief Procurement Officer, by placing an Interim Chief Procurement Officer / Interim CPO – and we can do it in a matter of weeks.

An Interim Chief Procurement Executive provides the flexible support your procurement organization needs to maintain momentum on strategic initiatives. ?Source One’s Interim Chief Procurement Officers and Interim Procurement Leaders have on average 20+ years’ experience spanning multiple industries, and can seamlessly integrate into your operations to spearhead large change management initiatives on a global scope.? Our temporary CPOs and Interim Procurement executives can be on boarded within a matter of weeks, and will remain engaged as high-level executive contractors for as long as you need.

Trust Source One’s interim CPO services to help your Strategic Sourcing organization identify an interim Procurement Executive to:

  • Design and manage Procurement Transformation Initiatives
  • Create a talent management program with the support of HR to ensure the right resources are hired
  • Leverage category expertise to develop the overall procurement strategy and category roadmap to increase spend under management
  • Identify and implement procurement automation systems to harness reporting capabilities
  • Facilitate company morale and productivity through effective management, consistent training development, and the encouragement of cross-functional collaboration
  • Assist in defining the requirements for screening, and onboarding a full-time Chief Procurement Officer/CPO


The value of an interim CPO/interim Chief Procurement Officer?is two-fold; they provide fresh perspective, and have proven track records for delivering bottom-line impacting and value-generating results in difficult situations.? They have successfully transformed the people, processes, and technologies of countless Procurement organizations, a feat they can do for you.? Regardless of your current gaps, let Source One’s Interim Chief Procurement Officer Team find the Interim Leader you need to get the job done.? And if your team decides that the Interim CPO provided by Source One is the leader your organization needs permanently – we can help make that transition through our Permanent Procurement, Supply Chain, and Sourcing Placement Service.

Make sure your Procurement organization has the right Leader at its helm. Contact Source One’s Strategic Sourcing Experts and learn more about our Interim Chief Procurement Officer Services today.

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