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Internships with Source One

Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Internship Opportunities

Source One is a leading procurement and strategic sourcing firm thanks to its exceptional team.? We’re always looking for driven, self-motivated individuals to further diversify our portfolio of procurement services with their own personal experience and expertise.

Today’s students and young supply management professionals face a more competitive job market than ever before.? A degree, a high GPA, or a stellar interview may have been enough to secure a position in the past, but in today’s recruiting landscape employers need to know they can have faith in an applicant’s relevant experience and skills.? Internships are an essential tool for setting yourself apart in this way.? Source One’s procurement analyst internships provide early talent with the hands-on experience and exposure to a variety of industries to help them prepare to enter the workforce with greater confidence and key skilsets for success.

Source One’s Procurement Internship Program Provides:

The Right Candidate Provides:?

A Tradition of Procurement Excellence:

Many of Source One’s current spend analysts and sourcing consultants joined our ranks as Procurement interns. ?Motivated procurement professionals will find that opportunities for professional development are everywhere at Source One. Recruiting, developing, and retaining highly talented individuals is among our top priorities. ?Invest in Source One and Source One will invest in you.

Networking Opportunities:?

Here’s your chance to meet Procurement? and Strategic Sourcing thought leaders.? Source One regularly dispatches our procurement analysts and consultants as recruiters. ?They’ll attend a number of ?job fairs at Philadelphia and Chicago area schools throughout the year in search of tomorrow’s sourcing stars.??Meeting a procurement recruiter face-to-face puts a personal stamp on your application before you’ve even submitted it. ?The conversation also provides the valuable opportunity to get a better sense of Source One’s rigorous Procurement internships, Strategic Sourcing offerings, and incomparable company culture. ?Check out?The Strategic Sourceror, to see if we’ll be visiting your campus this semester.

Interested in joining the leader in Procurement and Strategic Sourcing? Check out the Source One Procurement Careers page to apply!

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Procurement Intern Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s how past interns have described their time with Source One’s Procurement team.


I am in an undergraduate business program and have taken classes at our business school, but working for Source One’s clients has given me a more holistic understanding of how business decisions are made than anything I’ve learned on campus. Supporting a number of strategic sourcing projects for the client, I’ve gained hands-on experience collecting and providing the necessary information that will be used to make Procurement decisions for a number of business units including Marketing and Supply Chain.

Procurement Analyst Intern

So far I have had the opportunity to work directly with one of the Senior Project Analysts with a major client on a project and be the designated Sourcing Analyst on the team. This gave me exposure to the sourcing and procurement process with tasks including data collection, data analysis, the RFP process and the creation of a baseline report.

–? Sourcing Analyst Intern


Source One’s clients range from agriculture and farming to pharmaceuticals. With such a diverse client base, analysts and consultants are exposed to various businesses and forced to be fast learners in order to gain procurement market intelligence.?

Sourcing Analyst Intern

?Being actively involved in the procurement communications initiatives at Source One has helped me understand both the broad range of service offerings Source One provides and the expanding procurement, sourcing, and supply chain industries

– ?Sourcing Communications Intern


The office culture at Source One is very flat, in that I have been able to work closely on procurement initiatives with almost everyone in the office, regardless of title.

Procurement Analyst Intern

Even as the organization expands, they maintain a familiar environment that values work and personal life balance. No one gets lost in the crowd here, every member of the team contributes a particular expertise that contributes to the organization overall.?

Procurement Communications Intern

The Source One workplace environment is open in both a literal and figurative sense, and the company culture fosters employee growth. Everyone from the director to the project analyst level knows each other by name and is willing to answer the phone if someone – even an intern – has questions.

Sourcing Analyst Intern


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